A powerful Hummer H2 has been recently driven into an icy lake in Washington, United States, after it was stolen and eventually abandoned.

Where ever there will be exotic cars, or powerful and kind of rare ones in this case, there will also be some pretty “interesting” accidents, this is what we have always said here on inautonews.com, and the latest example to back up our statement is coming from over-seas, where a Hummer H2 has been driven into an icy lake. According to the guys at the GT Spirit, the Hummer H2 has been stolen, and after he was probably trying to get away faster, he had chosen an off-road path, but unfortunately for him, this included an icy lake, which was no match for the truck’s total weight.

Our source is also saying that the “occasional” driver of the Hummer H2 has abandoned “his” ride with the keys till in the ignition and his feet wet from the six inches (15 cm) of icy water on the Moses Lake in the North Western US State. The owner of the H2 was on holiday and had no idea that his ride was stolen. No one was apparently hurt in the incident and the Police is looking for the carjacker.



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