Hunt like a Lord with the Bentley Bentayga Field Sports one-off image

With a six-figure car surely one expects to gain some complimentary elements, but even in the stratosphere of the rich everything needs to be paid in full… though you’ll be acting like a Lord doing it.

Well, the Bentley Bentayga ultra-luxury SUV is certainly not the first choice for those looking to spend time in the nature – either off-roading or entertaining yourself with outdoor actives. But the British automaker knows all so very well there are those who seek more from their humongous SUV. Fret not, because its Mulliner division is always ready to oblige – coming up with the new Field Sports accessory kit for the behemoth that will turn driver and ride into the ultimate hunting machine.

Hunt like a Lord with the Bentley Bentayga Field Sports one-off 5

Bentley and Mulliner aren’t doing this alone, and they enlisted their partners over at Purdey, a bespoke gun manufacturer, to make sure everything is right with the gun experts. Most of the upgrades have to do with the storage space in the cargo bay – a new, fine and authentic handcrafted sliding unit has all the needed compartments to carry the needed supplies. Additionally, in between the rear seats Bentley has placed a new leather-trimmed locking stowage case for up to two guns – there’s also an optional Purdey bag, bringing a waistcoat, a waterproof cape, gaiters, field coat, shoes, and an overnight bag. The Field Sports Bentayga is a custom ride and Bentley claims that customer demand might actually drive the manufacturer into building more examples.