Hurricane Sandy Sets on Fire 16 Fisker Karma Hybrids image

Almost 16 Fisker Karma hybrids burned to the ground in Port Newark, New Jersey Tuesday night, due to Hurricane Sandy.

According to a source the hurricane’s water breached the port, submerging the vehicles, which then caught fire and exploded. This is not the first case of sudden combustion seen at these cars, as the Karmas use a small gasoline engine to charge batteries that send energy to two electric motors. It is still unclear how the vehicles caught fire after they were submerged in sea water. Officials believe that the sale water may have caused a short that led to the fire.

“We can report that there were no injuries and none of the cars were being charged at the time. We have confidence in the Fisker Karma and safety is our primary concern. While we intend to find the cause as quickly as possible, storm damage has restricted access to the port,” said the company in a statement.

The pictures posted on the internet show damages caused by the fire in both the passenger and the engine compartments, while the trunk area was not affected. There are also shown other vehicles in the same parking lot which didn’t caught fire.