Hybrids owners to start paying for the congestion fee in London image

Hybrids are not seen as environmentally friendly anymore in London, as their owners will be forced to pay to enter into the central zone.

Hybridization has played a crucial role in the automotive industry, as the technology has been seen as the perfect “green” compromise, allowing automakers to lower fuel and CO2 emissions throughout their lineup. It still represents a solid movement, but it slowly starts to lose ground, as governments try to spur the demand for zero-emissions vehicles. The hybrids drivers in London have been exempt so far for paying the congestion charge to enter into the central area of England’s capital, but the incentive will end starting from 24 June. In fact, the plan was adopted a couple of years back, with hybrid owners being granted a two-year grace period.

London’s environmental strategy is to allow all cars with CO2 emissions of 75 g/km or less to freely enter into city’s Congestion Charge zone. The old system ensured free access for vehicles rated with emissions between 75 to 100 g/km CO2, but not anymore. Therefore, only drivers of plug-in electric and fully electric cars will save money when cruising downtown.

London has been battling with some serious traffic issues. According to a report from the technology and transportation analytics INRIX that has analysed congestions in more than 100 cities worldwide, the city topped the list, with drivers wasting an average of 101 hours, or more than four days, in gridlocks in 2015.

Via Green Car Reports