Hype and exposure put the Corvette up front, alongside Ford image

The most talked about vehicle out there is the Chevrolet Corvette, but when it comes to brands the one coming out on top is the Blue Oval.

It appears that Ford also has the best efficiency when spending its money on commercials. These are the results of a study that seeks to find out which is the most searched and advertised automotive car or brand on the global network is. Online platform Swoop has used its knowledge and the so-called Swoop Digital Brand Exposure Index (DBEI), allowing us to peek inside the chart of automotive models and brands with the largest exposure across the online auto world. According to the platform, they have the largest network of automotive sites in the world” and that allows for an “unfiltered look at what automotive models are being talked about and read about the most in the United States.”

The second largest US automaker, Ford, has come out on top of the chart for the second year in a row – it has the best model exposure in the country, with the second best being Chevrolet. The duo of local brands are coming out ahead of the third placed Japanese brand Honda, which is about five percent behind them. When it comes to models though, the Chevrolet Corvette is the king of the market, followed by Ford’s F150 pickup truck and the Mustang. Ford is also the most efficient when it comes to spending on advertising – a bit over half a million dollars per visibility percentage point. At the other end of the specter is Toyota, with $6.3 million on each visibility percentage point.

Via Swoop