Hyundai Adds 100,000 Vehicles to Public Inventory image

John Krafcik, Hyundai’s president, declared that the company plans to provide its U.S. dealers 100,000 extra units to sell to retail customers this year.

Hyundai aims at gaining 100,000 additional cars and crossovers for its American dealers by reducing the percent of vehicles it sells to fleet customers from about 10% to between 5% and 6%. The company also expects capacity gain from its Korea produced models, such as the redesigned full-size Azera sedan and the redesigned Genesis Coupe. In March only the company had 55,000 cars available in inventory but sold almost 70,000.

“We are literally selling cars off the transporters,” Krafcik said.

After several years of rapid sales growth, Hyundai now aims at improving the quality of its cars, customer service and supplier relations before adding additional capacity or new plants in North America.

“We are driven by this goal to be the most loved car company, that is our over-riding goal,” Krafcik said. “It’s not about volume.”

The company expects its overall sales to exceed the industry this year and predicts the company will sell more than 700,000 vehicles, compared to 645,691 units in 2011.