Hyundai Begins Production at its Third Beijing Plant image

Thursday, June 19th, Hyundai announced its third manufacturing plant in Beijing has begun a pilot production for the facelifted versions of the Avante sedan.

“While the plant has already started its operation, an event to celebrate the completion of construction is scheduled to be held later this month,” a Hyundai spokesman said.

The vehicles that will be produced at this plant are: the Avante HD, also called Yue Dong in China, and the Avante MD, called Lang Dong. Both of them will be adapted to the Chinese market. Relying on the production boost brought by this plant, Hyundai Motor Group chairman Chung Mong-koo has set a sales target of 7 million vehicle units at home and abroad by the end of this year, up with 400,000 vehicles from its sales of 6.6 million units last year.

The company is aware of the fact that to reach the sales target the group has to keep up with fast-changing global trends by developing an organized cooperation system for productive communication between production facilities and sales corporations worldwide.

Chung added that Hyundai and Kia Motors, its affiliate, managed to become one of the top five auto makers in the world, thanks to combined sales of 6.6 million vehicles last year.