Hyundai Builds New R&D Facility at the Nurburgring image

Hyundai will invest £4.7 million to build a new R&D center at the Nurburgring.

Hyundai, besides other automakers, will use the track to test durability on all its new vehicles. Each new Hyundai model will be tested on 180,000 km, including 10,000 km or 480 laps to be done on the Nürburgring. Vehicle testing and development manager Axel Honish said that the Nurburging, with its 73 corners and an altitude difference of 300 metres, can replicate almost all conditions found on the roads in Europe.

“It’s the ideal track; it covers all possible driving situations. It has the characteristics that will give an experienced driver a feel for the performance. The driver can then report where we need to change something, like the balance for example,” said Honish.

Senior vice president and chief operating officer Allan Rushforth said that Hyundai plans to make its vehicles more appealing to the European customers, as more than 70% of the automaker’s model lineup available in Europe is manufactured here and 95% of its is also developed and tested in the region.

“The big opportunity for me is to get our vehicles on eye level with our competitors. We want to get to such a position so that we can persuade a customer that moving to Hyundai is the right decision,” added Honish.