Carmakers – always on the run for the next client – can easily come up with silly ideas, but this time around this is something each car should have: a rear seat alert that can prevent accidental child heath deaths.

Hyundai’s own system is called the “Rear Occupant Alert” and has been created to assist drivers in case they forget someone on the rear seat when they park the car. And by that we clearly mean infants and young children. The system is simple and we again stress its importance – each automaker should have it. Hyundai’s version uses an ultrasonic sensor fitted in the back, able to detect movement – it activates when the car is parked and locked, and if it detects movement it will sound the horn and flash the lights.

Hyundai comes up with its own system to alert drivers of rear seat occupancy 3

More importantly, it can reach the owner even from a bigger distance – it links to Hyundai’s Blue Link connected car service, allowing for notifications to appear on the driver’s smartphone. We’re not going to enter a debate about how anyone could forget a child in the car – but we can point out Hyundai’s statistics saw 38 children dying this year alone because of heatstroke from being left in a hot car. The company says vehicles from the 2019 model year onwards will use it – and it’s a potentially life-saving feature we recommend even for pet owners, because the latter shouldn’t be left in a hot car as well.


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