Hyundai confirms i30 family will include a fastback version image

The South Korean automaker has indirectly, but officially confirmed the i30 family will have four members – a fastback that arrives for the first time, alongside the hatchback, station wagon and sporty N version.

The company shared a photo in a tweet of what appears to be a company product presentation, which shows the entire span of the i30 family – with the new station wagon version coming in March during the Geneva Motor Show and the first-ever N performance version slated for later during the second part of the year. The brand new fastback addition will join the roster sometime in early 2018. The model is being labeled as a fastback by Hyundai and the sketch envisions a stylish sedan with a sloped roofline and a hatchback trunk lid in the same vein as those on the Audi A5 Sportback or the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe.

There are no other details to be shared about this all-new product, but it’s safe to assume the stylish design will command a premium over the five-door i30 hatchback and station wagon. The latter will make its first appearance in front of the public during the Geneva Motor Show and we can bet the i30 N will be featured live for the first time this fall during the Frankfurt Motor Show.