The South Korean branch of Hyundai has decided to showcase a new set of teaser renderings with what could be their most important model in terms of environmental credentials – the new Ioniq.

The company is actually pretty much ignoring the fact that not long ago in December we actually saw the the world’s best selling hybrid is something to brag about relentlessly. More important for us is actually the fact that Hyundai’s Ioniq will be a global set of models – sold at home, in North America and in Europe – while also premiering a never before seen concept: the architecture underpins three different models. The Ioniq range will include a traditional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid as well as an all electric battery powered vehicle. It appears the rumor mill has found the hybrids will employ a four-cylinder 1.6-liter engine next to the electric motor while the BEV will make use of a lithium-ion battery.

This latest set of sketches paint a more impressive picture than in reality, with the real world model looking up with admiration to the wedge shape made famous by the Japanese hybrid. More importantly we do get a better sense of the interior, which looks neatly clean and functional. We see a flat-bottom steering wheel and a digital instrument cluster, while also hinting at an automatic gearbox setup given the shape of the knob. The KDM-spec (South Korea) model will be introduced later this month and the European and North American variants will have official premieres during the March roster of auto shows: Geneva and New York.


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