Hyundai HyperEconiq Ioniq Concept paints a different picture of SEMA image

The Las Vegas show is certainly not the first venue to consider when discussing eco cars – Hyundai hasn’t received the memo apparently and decided to present the HyperEconiq Ioniq Concept there nevertheless.

Created through a partnership with Bisimoto Engineering, this prototype is seemingly all about fuel efficiency and hypermiling – and based off the Ioniq hybrid model. “The HyperEconiq Ioniq takes the Ioniq where we always knew it could go, without sacrificing drivability,” said Bisi Ezerioha, president, Bisimoto Engineering. “Leveraging the outstanding Ioniq electrified platform and powertrain, we’ve focused on a variety of technical elements to bring efficiency, aero, and design to the highest level.” Canada’s Bisimoto Engineering worked with Hyundai to deliver better aerodynamic efficiency, reduce friction, and perform other mechanical fine-tuning.

The concept packs a Bisimoto pulse-chamber exhaust system, Racepack OBD monitoring electronics, aluminum brake calipers, Recaro seats, NGK spark plugs, and even RP wheel studs, along with “enhanced e-generators.” The model also features one-piece 19-inch carbon fiber wheels clad in low-rolling resistance tires for less friction, custom low-friction synthetic oil, a coilover suspension for a lower ride height along with an excessive body kit featuring a front splitter, side splitters, a rear wing, and even skirts for the rear wheels. According to Hyundai’s partner, the HyperEconiq Ioniq gets “well over 80 mpg” after testing.