Hyundai i30 going to US as Elantra image

The South Korean based automaker Hyundai is planning to launch its i30 model in the United States, where the small hatchback will enter the market as Elantra.

After some rumors appeared not too long ago saying that a hot hatch version of the Hyundai i30 is coming soon, the Asian model is once again placed into the spotlights with its American debut under the Elantra name. According to, the Hyundai i30 will be launched in the United States as the Elantra hatchback and the vehicle will come in a five-door version. Our source is also telling us that the Elantra hatchback will sit in the range along its sedan compact “brother” and the model will most likely replace the Touring version.

There’s no official info on the i30 / Elantra for the US but in Europe, the model is being sold with a choice of two petrol engines, a 1.4 liter developing 100 horsepower and a 1.6 liter GDI with 140 HP, along with two diesels. Besides the Elantra, which will be launched in the US, Hyundai is also planning a three-door version of the i30, which will be revealed in 2012, and this is most likely to come as a hot hatch, as we previously reported here.