Hyundai Ioniq tipped to best Prius in terms of mileage image

According to the South Korean automaker, its first dedicated hybrid/electric platform, underpinning the Ioniq model line, should become a breakthrough in terms of green vehicles in the US.

That’s because the marquee is riding on the appeal of the three electrified versions (regular hybrid, plug in hybrid and full electric) and even hints the vehicle would get better highway mileage in the EPA ratings than its declared rival – Toyota’s ubiquitous Prius. The company rides its statements on the Ioniq’s one-motor, one-clutch combo in the drive to take on the world’s top selling hybrid vehicle. According to Yang Woong-chul, the company’s global research and development boss, the technology underpinning the Ioniq line is different from what is being employed by Toyota or other rivals. All three variants of the Ioniq line will employ lithium polymer batteries from LG Chem – which are apparently better than anything used by the competitors as the polymer structure is safer than a regular lithium-ion.

The executive refrained from delivering actual mpg ratings to the upcoming Ioniq, but said the highway fuel efficiency has been a focus of the company as American drivers have long, high-speed commutes – and while the Prius will remain unmatched in stop-and-go traffic, the Hyundai model will have the upper hand on the freeway. It appears the one-motor, one-clutch system is a major technical breakthrough in itself, as the hard part is to match the electric motor with the engine when engaging the clutch – the South Korean company used a powerful central processor that would take care of the smooth clutch lockup in just 0.6 seconds.

Via Automotive News