Hyundai is the world’s most environmental conscious carmaker image

While judging by the record sales of hybrids we could assume that Toyota is the greenest automaker, it’s actually true that up until now Honda held that title, while for 2014 Hyundai takes the honors.

According to a scientific research group, the Union of Concerned Scientists, which has made the top of greenest automaker for the last six years. Hyundai Motor – which rapidly joined the downsized engines, electric hybrids and anti-pollution technology bandwagon has surfaced as this year’s most environmental company in the automotive industry. In the previous five editions of the assessment, Honda managed to hold the honors, with the top three usually dominated by Japan’s top three automakers.

“While automakers have widely used a few key technologies to reduce the global warming impact of their fleets, other technologies on the horizon are also important,” said the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based group of scientists. “As Hyundai-Kia works to further improve fuel economy and electrify its fleet, Honda will need to step up its innovation if it wants to take back the crown,” they added.

After Hyundai and Honda, the top five was joined by Toyota, Nissan and Volkswagen, while the top three Detroit automakers were shamefully at the bottom of the rankings. Hyundai, together with its Kia subsidiary, were praised for the rapid advancements in turbocharging and the downsizing of engines.

Via Bloomberg