Hyundai launches Travelmate for tourists image

Hyundai Motor Co. will launch an inspirational campaign in six of the world’s most famous cities to encourage tourists to share their special memories of some of the most well-known locations.

More than 55 million tourists could engage with the artwork Hyundai is going to display and feature using the public transport. You want to know what the cities are? It’s Turkey’s Istanbul, the dreamy New York, Mexico City, Barcelona, the romantic Paris and Singapore. The campaign wants to introduce Hyundai as a “travel mate” for tourists’ most special moments and trips.

For the trio made up of Istanbul, New York and Mexico City, buses and trams will transport optical illusions of the vibrant cities, with creative mosaic artwork made up of hundreds of small Hyundai logos, which will form the iconic skyline of every city when looked at from a distance. New York tourists and locals will see the famous Manhattan skyline alongside Hyundai’s message “Take a step back. There is more of New York to be seen.”


A different message will be seen in Barcelona, Paris and Singapore – “A new experience awaits.” These cities will see means of public transport carrying the recently launched compact SUV and All-New Tucson with buses showcasing gift-wrapped boxes delivering the new cars to iconic places.

The Head of Marketing for Hyundai Motor Company explained that the brand wants to show its clients that it cares for them, regardless of the place they are in the world.



Hyundai’s vision is to be a lifetime partner in automobiles and to create lasting memories from people’s trips across the Globe. Tourists are encouraged to share selfies and experiences that involve the buses and trams displaying Hyundai’s artwork using the #HyundaiTravelmatehashtag.