Hyundai lets you remotely unlock and start your vehicle through Apple’s Watch image

Apple and Hyundai fans rejoice – the South Korean automaker has found yet another use for the soon to become ubiquitous Apple Watch – using it and its cloud-based Blue Link app to remotely access their car.

The smartwatch application is naturally free and allows users to remotely lock, unlock and start their car through simple voice commands – those run of the mill “Start my car” or “Unlock my car.” The Blue Link had already been made available for smartphones paired to Android Wear smartwatches. The app can lock and unlock the car, start and stop the engine and can also be used to locate the vehicle in a crowded parking lot – the car would flash its lights or honk the horn or even map its location on the Apple Watch. Users also have at their disposal a useful parking meter feature and a vehicle status check function to obtain relevant information about the state of their prized possession.

The Apple Watch app would be available for all Blue Link-enabled Hyundai vehicles, up from the 2012 Sonata onwards – now the feature has been rolled across the entire US lineup of the South Korean automaker. A new version of the Blue Link was officially unveiled with the 2015 Azera, Genesis and Sonata and the upgrades included automatic collision notification; an engine timer, climate control and other features tied to the remote-start function as well as destination search from Google – which lets someone look something on the smartphone and then send the location to the car’s inbuilt navigation system.

Via Forbes