Hyundai Might Pay $14M After Verdict in US Airbag Trial image

Hyundai might pay $14 million to a man in Virginia who was left with severe brain injuries after the side air bags in his 2008 Tiburon failed to deploy.

After an 8-hour deliberation jurors in state court in Pulaski County, Virginia, found that the air bags failure to deploy was the cause for the man’s injuries. The accident which left Zachary Duncan with brain damage took place in 2010. Jim Trainor, Hyundai’s spokesman, said that the automaker disagrees with the verdict and that it intends to appeal.

According to the lawsuit, Duncan and his parents were in the 2008 Hyundai Tiburon when the vehicle left the road and hit a tree on the driver’s side. The vehicle’s air bags did not deploy, causing Duncan serious brain injury. The victim’s lawyers said that the air bags did not deploy because the air-bag sensors are placed under the driver’s seat instead of being further out in the car and accused the automaker of being aware of this issue.

“This is an important victory for our client and for public safety,” said Duncan’s lawyer, Ari Casper. “Hopefully, this will cause automobile manufacturers to really make sure they’re putting safe vehicles on the road.”

Source: Reuters