Hyundai Motor and its labor union’s meet on suspended plant image

Today, the Hyundai Motor of South Korea and its labor union is set to conduct a meet where they will talk about resuming the production at a domestic plant where its flagship sedans are built.

However, the production took a halt for the second day due to the death of an employee.

Hyundai Motor is in concern that this mounting tensions with the union will increase due to the death of an employee on Thursday, further rise into damaging the industrial move. On Thursday, the workers have suspended its only Korean facility which is building the best-selling vehicles – Sonata and Grandeur sedans, since an employee has committed suicide and left a note where he accused the company for “suppressing the labor movement,” as reported by the media.

The labor union has blamed Hyundai for this death and said that it had limited union activities right after the introduction of a new rule in the month of April that was initiated to lower down the number of full-time members in the union.

The meet started by Hyundai in views of collective bargaining to avoid three continuous years’ labor strikes that could delay the productions. However, a union official has said that workers have planned to meet management for discussing the demands made by unions in response to the death.
The demands include compensation to the worker’s family, disciplinary action against the officials of the company, and recruitment of the late employee’s widow.

By Sunita Mandal