Hyundai Sonata owners, who have been waiting for more than a year for the AppleCarPlay feature, can now rejoice. At there is now available a free downloadable update for the 2015 and 2016 Sonata models that are properly equipped.

If you don’t know yet what CarPlay is, we’re telling you that it is a very popular feature which helps other smartphone features become available through the car’s touch screen or with voice recognition. This way, drivers get less distracted and safe driving is increased.

Sonata owner Jason Springel said in an e-mail that “I just completed the upgrade, and it’s working great. The download is fast and easy.”

For those Sonata owners who are not at best terms with technology, the update will be available for an installation fee at all the Hyundai dealers this June. The estimated price is around $50 but it depends on the car model and how long it actually takes to upload the data, as depending on the vehicle, it could take from 30 minutes to two hours.

The upload is also functional with other Hyundai models like the properly equipped 2015 and 2016 Genesis models, the Elantra, Tucson and the 2017 Tucson and Santa Fe and Sante Fe Sport Hyundai models.

At the moment, the South Korean carmaker is also planning for its other 2016 car models to launch updates to CarPlay and AndroidAuto that are compatible with Google phones, too.

Nearly a year ago, Hyundai became the first automaker who offered the Android Auto app on a production car, the 2015 Sonata in fact.


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