Hyundai outlines its plans on connected cars future image

Hyundai announced the roadmap for the development of smarter future technologies that will make drivers’ lives much easier behind the wheel.

The South Korean automaker says that “cars are increasingly at the center of our lifestyles”, a statement that cannot be argued whatsoever. Cars have long passed the status of being just lifeless transportation tools, as people now feel the need to interact with them. Hyundai, as many other automakers, announced its increased focus on vehicle connectivity, thus entering into a collaboration with leading global IT and networking companies to develop a “Hyper-connected and Intelligent Car” concept. Their main goal is to make smarter, more intelligent cars that can receive and utilize data faster than ever before. Company’s mid- to long- term development target includes a range of key features, including smart remote maintenance services, autonomous driving, smart traffic and a connected mobility hub that provides security and data management for all elements of the connected-car idea.

More specifically, the smart remote maintenance service will remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues even before the driver acknowledges them. Autonomous driving will improve safety by connecting a car to city and road infrastructure, while smart traffic aims to reduces congestion, speeds-up journeys and minimizes social costs by analyzing traffic and road conditions ahead. Lastly, the connected mobility hub will provide strong computing power for a smarter and faster interaction with the car and its surroundings. In the short- to mid-term, Hyundai said it would concentrate on technologies related to smartphone connectivity and smart home services.