Hyundai outshines Toyota in US repair rankings image

Traditionally, in the US, one certain Japanese automaker ranked at the top of the quality, reliability and dependability charts, while the other, from Korea, has spent years struggling to reverse its early image of building low-quality econoboxes.

So, it may come as a shock to see Hyundai toppling Toyota from the top rank in the latest Vehicle Health Index, a survey of annual repair costs plotted by website CarMD. But after spending two consecutive years in second place, behind the Japanese giant, Hyundai has landed in the top spot – which means the annual cost of maintaining and repairing a Hyundai is now the lowest of any brand.

General Motors, which has been rapidly gaining ground in other recent quality and reliability studies, landed in third place in the Vehicle Health Index followed by what might come as another surprise, Chrysler landing in fourth place, ahead of Honda, another Japanese maker traditionally linked to high quality.

Now in its third year, the “Vehicle Health Index Manufacturer & Vehicle Ranking provides car shoppers with insight on what to expect in terms of frequency, type and cost of repairs for the majority of new and used vehicles on the road today,” explains Doug Sobieski, CarMD’s chief marketing officer.

Both General Motors and Chrysler posted dramatic improvements in this year’s survey. GM jumping from the eighth spot to third, while Chrysler leapt from the 10th spot in the previous surveys to fourth. Ford also moved up to sixth just behind Honda. The second largest of the domestic makers was the ninth-ranked maker last year.