Hyundai partners with WaiveCar to share Ioniq EVs image

We already know Hyundai has a bold strategy for the green market – with no less than 28 electrified models coming until 2020 – but some of the company’s clients won’t even be customers anymore.

This is because the company announced a new deal during the Los Angeles Auto Show with car sharing company WaiveCar which allows people in Los Angeles the opportunity to experience the brand’s Ioniq – the fully electric version – without actually having to own it. WaiveCar will have a fleet of 150 Ioniq electrics by the middle of next year, and more importantly people in the LA area will be able to take advantage of them for free. The catch is that people can reserve the Ioniq Electric version from the comfort of their smartphone starting next year and then have a two-hour free test drive, which should be plentiful.


This is because WaiveCar’s unique business model uses advertising to subsidize the cost for drivers – the fleet of electric vehicles get promotional wraps on their bodies and have roof-mounted digital displays that can show geo-targeted ads. People will be allowed to drive hem for free for two hours and then pay $5.99 for each subsequent hour. The WaiveCar fleet of 150 Ioniq EVs will be available in Los Angeles throughout the first half of 2017 and the company added it would expand into three more cities next year, adding another 250 Ioniqs to the roster.