Hyundai plans to be the first carmaker to offer a branded-Android Auto app image

The South Korean based automaker is working on its own Android Auto application, hoping to launch it by the end of the year.

Nearly a year ago, Hyundai became the first automaker who offered the Android Auto app on a production car, namely the 2015 Sonata. Since then, such connectivity features have been widely spreading throughout the industry, a trend pushed by customers’ desire to link their smartphones to cars. Now, the South Korean carmaker is taking one step further into this direction, by announcing its plans to develop its own Android Auto application. Called MyHyundai, the new concept-software has been announced earlier this week at the Google I/O event and includes a variety of exclusive features such as Call Roadside assistance, Monthly Vehicle Report, Valet mode or Hyundai Service.

“Optimized for the connected car, Hyundai only has to develop one app optimized for Android Auto instead of several platforms to get the app inside of all of our models. Hyundai does not need its own app and app store that owners need to download separately.” The app is just a prototype at this point, but Hyundai is planning on launching it before the end of the year.

Separately, during the same conference, Google has announced that there will be no need for customers to use compatible car Android Auto for connecting. Users will soon be able to access all its features from the phone, rather than relying on a car’s display.