Hyundai Plans to Enter the Japanese Truck Market image

Hyundai Motor Co has ambitious plans for this year, aiming at marking its presence in the Japanese truck market b launching a trailer rig, following it up with large trucks, after it stopped selling passenger cars in Japan in 2009.

The company wants to export the vehicles from its home country in a bid to keep prices low, and it will also provide after-sales service through its regional subcontractors. Hyundai expects to sell several hundred units per year, after it sold 50 coach buses in 2011.

In 2009 Hyundai chose to withdraw from the Japanese market, after for 8 year in a row it has maintained a low-key profile, not even managing to achieve its target of 800 in October. The company chose not to sale new passenger cars in Japan, as it considered that it was better to concentrate on more up-and-coming auto markets like China, USA and India. This decision was seen as a sensible move at that time, taking into consideration that Japan is one of the largest automobile markets in Asia.

But Hyundai reevaluated its position, improved its strategies and learned from past mistakes, and now is ready to hit the Japanese auto market with its trucks, challenging the domestic truck makers in Japan which have dominated the scene till now.