Hyundai preparing the Veloster Gurnade concept for SEMA image

The South Korean automaker has partnered with Gurnade Inc. to deliver a splashing Veloster concept in time for the SEMA show in Las Vegas from November.

Hyundai is already a traditional attendee of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas – we remember the 500 hp genesis Coupe or the 700 hp Tucson presented last year. For the year the company is also teasing the aggressive Gurnade Veloster Concept. “Gurnade has always been drawn to the uniquely aggressive lines of the production Veloster, ” said Joshua Cloud, owner of Gurnade, Inc. “So when Hyundai approached us with the opportunity to develop one of their vehicles for SEMA, we didn’t hesitate to create the Gurnade Veloster Concept.”

Huge flared fenders and an aggressive body kit are the broad strokes, while the details reside in the deep dish copper wheels, custom headlamps and fog lamps created by Cappelleti Design, a carbon fiber hood and hatch, and a Magic Magenta paint job by PPG Refinish. Justifying the huge rear wing, the standard four-cylinder engine under the hood has been thoroughly reworked with an 845 Motorsports intercooler, downpipe, and cold-air intake, as well as an 845 Motorsports ECU tune, a Synapse blow-off valve, and an ARK Performance cat-back exhaust. There’s also a NEO Motorsport coil-over suspension and six-piston big brake kit, or Cobra Nogaro racing seats and Takata racing harnesses inside to go along with the roll cage and a SoCal Garage Works carbon-fiber steering wheel.