Hyundai ready to debut key models in the US image

The South Korean manufacturer has been rather idling last year, but things are ready to change, as the Genesis flagship is ready to make its debut in the States this month, followed by the very important Sonata in the summer.

Following the 2008 economic crisis, Hyundai had rapidly recovered thanks to an aggressive product launch planning – as Dave Zuchowski, chief executive officer Hyundai Motor America points out.

“Our product cadence has been very aggressive and that’s contributed to our success,” he said. “We doubled our volume over the past five years.”

Last year, Hyundai only grew a modest 2.5%, but will step up the game this year with the second generation Genesis, 2015 Sonata and the outing of its first fuel cell vehicle on the market. The Tucson fuel cell will be sold exclusively in Southern California, though.

“The all-new Genesis rivals the best premium sedans in the world, at a price point many thousands of dollars less,” Zuchowski said. “Our 2015 Genesis represents a bold step forward for Hyundai and reinforces the successful strategy of marketing our premium models under the Hyundai brand umbrella, rather than a costly separate luxury brand sales channel. As a result, we’re able to pass the benefits of this strategy directly to our valued customers.”

Before the sales rollout of the Genesis, planned for next month, Hyundai will turn its attention to the very successful Sonata, which will be unveiled later this month during the New York Auto Show and begin reaching dealer lots in June.