Hyundai ready to take command of the SUV segment with 8 new models image

The South Korean automaker has caught wind the worldwide sales of crossovers are all the rage today and is planning to join the party with an entire gang – as in eight new models between now and the year 2020.

It all started with the new Kona, already presented and ready to reach most of its intended markets, so there are still seven CUVs and SUVs awaiting the proper introduction in less than three years. The new SUV family is going to feature something for everybody from an A-segment CUV sitting underneath the Kona to a new midsize crossover, as well as electric and fuel cell models. Mike O’Brien, vice president of product, corporate, and digital planning at Hyundai Motor America, revealed during a media event in Michigan the rapid announcements are designed to help the automaker better respond to the new customer preferences.

“We’ve been a little bit slow in terms of bringing the volume up in terms of CUVs,” he explained. “We still don’t have enough production and enough model count.” The automaker is also promising even diesel options in the United States, because “one of the key areas of dissatisfaction in CUVs is fuel economy, as many buyers come from midsize or compact sedans and expect similar fuel economy to those models.” This means electric, fuel cell and diesel to choose from even as the latter technology is being panned all around the world following the recent emission scandals.