Hyundai Reports US July Exports Down 25% Due to Strikes image

Hyundai reported auto exports to the US down in July due to strikes at the South Korean plants.

The automaker’s exports decreased 25% in July compared to a month before due to the strikes at the South Korean facilities. Hyundai reported a loss in production of 60,511 cars worth 1.26 trillion Korean won ($1.11 billion) caused by workers’ partial strikes in July and August, refusing to do overtime as annual wage talks stalled. In July auto exports dropped to 27,101 units from 36,209 in June.

“Some Hyundai dealers in the United States are complaining that they don’t even have cars to display at dealerships,” Hyundai Motor said.

Hyundai manufactures cars for the US market both in the States and South Korea, and plans to introduce a third shift at the Alabama plant beginning September to help ease its capacity constraints. Over the past several years Hyundai has won market share from rivals in the States, but this year its sales saw a slow growth, partially due to its stretched manufacturing capacity in South Korea.

Concerning the overall sales the automaker reported an all-time July sales record of 62,021 cars, up 9.5% year-to-date and 4% over the July record in 2011.