Hyundai reveals autonomous Ioniq, to drive down the Vegas strip during CES image

The South Korean automaker has invested heavily and is betting big on its environmentally-friendly Ioniq sedan – with the model even declined as an autonomous evolution in time for next year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The new Ioniq is not only environmentally-friendly but also capable of autonomous driving – in prototype form for now. Hyundai will have two driverless Ioniqs go for scenic routes up and down the Las Vegas Strip early next year during the CES event. The company decided for an efficiency-focused approach from the beginning – an integrated architecture capable of supporting hybrid, plug in hybrid and fully electric powertrains. For example the hybrid is packing an estimate of 58 mpg combined – better even than the new Prius – while the 124 miles (199 km) of range of the Ioniq EV is on par with the current crop of battery electrics.


During the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show Hyundai also announced the Autonomous Ioniq concept that also brings self-driving capabilities into the equation. The model will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January and the company has managed to hide all the bulky autonomous equipment like the roof-mounted LiDAR system. There’s a forward-facing radar, a three-camera array, GPS connection with high-definition mapping and blind spot detection radar. The company is also developing two autonomous Tucson fuel-cell vehicles at Hyundai’s Research and Development Campus in Namyang, South Korea.