Hyundai seeks autonomous features to be ready for 2020 image

South Korea’s Hyundai Motor, the fifth largest automaker in the world when taken in consideration with affiliate Kia Motors, recently announced it was mulling for commercial availability of autonomous driving systems for 2020.

The commercially ready self-driving capabilities would not be offered in a new model, but rather become features for certain models in its range in just half a decade, as the carmaker chases the rivals that have already taken a head-start in the highly competitive field of driverless cars. Hyundai, just like the vast majority of competitors already has at a global level certain semi-autonomous features on its top of the line vehicles, such as the Genesis – automatic braking functions or lane keeping assist features.

The highly competitive field has been taken by storm by the implication of technology giants seeking to expand their business into a field that could yield massive profits in the years to come. Google, for example, has already laid out plans to develop and market a completely new vehicle with autonomous functions – it resembles a pod and has none of the traditional driving elements – such as a steering or brake pedals. Meanwhile, Apple, the highest valued technology company in the world has been rumored to develop its own electric vehicle, possibly with autonomous functions by the time it should allegedly reach the market at the start of the next decade.

Automakers and their suppliers are also deeply implicated in the race, with carmakers such as Mercedes-Benz or General Motors also mulling to release commercial version of their autonomous driving systems in the same timeframe.

Via Automotive News Europe