The Apple CarPlay will be available on Sonata Hyundai models starting 2016, but at an extra cost.

With the carmaker saying that CarPlay will be available in Hyundai’s Sonata units in 2015, the company is managing to keep its promise with a year delay. We have good news for those who waited!

Well, sort of. Hyundai Sonata owners will however have to buy an SD card with new software in order to get the Apple system. This comes in contradiction with the multinational brand’s previous guarantee that the system would be downloaded for free by drivers who own a properly equipped 2015 or 2016 Sonata midsize sedan model. At the moment, the automaker has the Android Auto system in its cars for Google phone users for not an additional fee.

The carmaker stated that “Hyundai and Apple are committed to delivering drivers the best possible experience while using CarPlay in their vehicles. We are currently working together to complete CarPlay integration.”

Both CarPlay and Android Auto allow drivers to use their smart phone for navigation, music and making phone calls while driving safely. However, with the postponement, Hyundai can no longer be the leader of CarPlay introduction to its cars as several Honda and Chevrolet models have shown when tested a working prototype CarPlay implemented.

Car companies like the South Korean Hyundai find themselves in an unfamiliar place when dealing with smart phones as they have been showing an increased tendency of buying advanced technology, which led to a majority of suppliers giving them preferential treatment.



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