Hyundai starts world’s first sharing service for fuel cell vehicles image

The Souh Korean automaker is delivering a world’s first after entering a partnership with German group Linde to initiate the BeeZero car sharing program.

What really makes it special is the fact that it’s apart from any other car sharing program that have been developed until now – the only models used are fueled by hydrogen and get power from fuel cells. BeeZero is the first ever project of such kind and will be introduced this summer in Munich, Germany. There have been programs to allow the public to drive a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle without actually owning it as the initial costs are still pretty high, but the others offered ways of leasing or buying the cars. Now anyone will be able to experience hydrogen fuel cell zero pollution mobility with lower costs. The partners have not yet announced the actual costs but we’re sure to get the info closer to the actual start of public availability of the program.

Anyways, since we’re dealing with such major companies, the scheme will most likely get subsidies from Hyundai and Linde and the fleet of 50 cars available will not be confined to Munich’s center but also spread to areas of Schwabing, Haidhusen, and Glockenbachviertel. The Hyundai FCVs will be pretty easy to book – either online or via the dedicated smartphone app. Additionally, the automaker claims its fuel cell ix35 is able to provide a range of 600 kilometers on a full tank of hydrogen and the refills come from sustainable production, so the transport service is actually truly carbon neutral.