Hyundai Surpasses Super Bowl Rivals on Web Traffic image

Hyundai’s Super Bowl ads surpassed the other automakers on web traffic.

If other automakers relied this year on long, quirky or emotional commercials for the Super Bowl game, Hyundai’s funny and life-depicted ads attracted the most viewers., which analyzed web traffic during the games, was the one who announced the automaker which brought large traffic surges.

The no.1 most-viewed ad was the Santa Fe commercial, which features the redesigned seven-seat version of the SUV. It depicts a young boy and his mother as they gather group friends to confront a gang of bullies in the park. The second place was taken by Audi’s ad, featuring the S6 performance sedan. The ad is about a young man who goes dateless to the prom, but the fact that he is driving his father’s S6 gives him so much confidence that he parks on the principal’s parking spot and even kisses the prom queen, getting a black eye from the prom king.

As the Super Bowl is the most-watched television show every year, automakers do not even blink when they have to pay from $3.7 million to $3.8 million for 30 seconds of commercial time. Steve Shannon, vice president for marketing at the Hyundai Motor America said that the Super Bowl offers marketers ‘spectacle, huge numbers and an environment in which more people are engaged in the advertising.’