Hyundai teases Fuel Cell SUV and green strategy shift image

The South Korean automaker has decided to showcase the first images of a yet unnamed pre-production model depicting their new generation fuel cell SUV, scheduled for a series premiere in 2018.

The new hydrogen SUV is “near-production-ready” and the company adds it’s nine percent more efficient and 20 percent more powerful than the ix35 Fuel Cell it’s set to replace. With the improved fuel cell prowess, Hyundai is looking to reach an official range of around 500 miles (805 kilometers). The new FCEV is an entirely new design, not a derivation of an existing model, inspired by the FE concept: “With exceptional efficiency, serene styling, and uncompromised performance, our next generation fuel cell SUV is the true epitome of an eco-friendly vehicle of the future,” explains Eco Technology Center’s senior vice president, Lee Ki-sang. “Hyundai Motor will take lead in developing and producing green energy vehicles that would ultimately complement a near-zero emission society.”

Hyundai teases Fuel Cell SUV and green strategy shift 3

More precisely, the automaker reemphasized its commitment to green cars – with a particular shift towards fully electric models, and according to reports it will introduce a premium, long-range electric model set to compete against the Tesla models, sold under the Genesis brand. While the new electric model, which should come with “range of 500 km (310 miles) per charge” is expected in 2021, the automaker will also deliver a battery version of the Kona small sport utility vehicle with a range of 390 km in the first months of 2018.