Hyundai teases the Ioniq, set for unveiling in January 2016 image

The South Korean automaker has delivered the first teaser picture with the upcoming all new Ioniq hybrid model, which should take on the iconic Toyota Prius.

After months of rumors, reports and numerous spy shots taken while undergoing testing, Hyundai is set to introduce the all new Ioniq model – the company’s first purpose-built hybrid model. The new vehicle will be showcased first at home in South Korea next month – and then make the jumps across the oceans to North America and Europe to participate at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and Geneva motor show, respectively. Hyundai is doing the rounds with the teaser but as usual specifications are kept under wraps – though the teaser shows us a design that is closer to the Opel Ampera/Chevrolet Volt brothers rather than the Prius. It also comes with a sleek styling and probably LED head and taillights.

The South Korean automaker is also aiming to reach all eco markets with the Ioniq, claiming ti would be the first to offer three typical powertrain versions using the same shell: electric, plug-in gasoline/electric hybrid, and traditional gasoline/electric hybrid. Naturally it would use an all-new architecture, with the all-electric version using a high capacity, ultra-efficient lithium ion battery –the other two would combine electric and gasoline power. Hyundai also explained the name has been derived from the “ion” chemical element, combined with “unique” and the “Q” being “the fresh new approach of this advanced, low-emission model.”