Hyundai thinks about the future, comes up with 12 megatrends for 2030 image

In the South Korean automaker’s opinion, the following decades will be dominated by “big” – big technology, big data, big cities – all of them impacting heavily on the mobility solutions.

These are the thoughts coming out of Project Ioniq Lab, a new think tank set up by the automaker to strategize how the emerging trends will impact mobility over the years to come. “Project Ioniq Lab extends our efforts to understand future mobility and influence the concept of ‘freedom in mobility’,” commented Hyundai Motor Company Executive Vice President, Wonhong Cho. “Hyundai Motor will advance theoretical and practical understanding, innovating to develop future mobility solutions tailored to our customers’ lifestyles.” The Lab has been tasked to approach four major areas: freedom of mobility, freedom of connection while on the move, freedom from accidents and freedom from pollution and energy exhaustion.

The team is being headed by Dr. Soon Jong Lee of Seoul National University and consists of 20 academics. For their first project, they cooked up 12 “megatrends” and then thought about their impact on mobility by 2030. We have things such as the hyper-connected society, the hyper-aging society, eco-ism, context awareness-based Individualization, anxiety and chaos, sharing economy and mega-urbanization, just to name a few. We can see some of the trends do direct the view towards a certain dystopian future, but nonetheless we can draw conclusions from here – the society is constantly changing and evolving and we might be surprised in just a few years from now by the progress made.