Hyundai to develop Nissan Juke rival image

The South Korean based automaker Hyundai is planning to develop a rival for the popular Nissan Juke in the B-segment for SUVs.

After Jeep is secretly developing a new model which will be smaller than the current Compass in order to launch in in Europe in late 2013, and with other automakers announcing their plans to enter the same segment, Hyundai couldn’t stay away and it will take advantage of the ix35’s popularity in order to develop a new small model, which will take on the popular Nissan Juke on the Old Continent. The future Hyundai crossover has also been confirmed by the Hyundai Europe’s vice president, Alan Rushforth, who said that there is enough room in the company’s lineup for a small SUV.

According to the Hyundai official, the future small crossover will be developed on a completely new B-segment platform which is currently being manufactured in Brazil. The platform will also give birth to a five-door hatchback and a sedan, both of them aimed towards the South American auto market, but if there will be enough “room”, the two vehicles might also make their way into Europe. Unfortunately we don’t have any more details on the future Hyundai small crossover but a concept car might be presented in autumn at during a major European automotive event.