Hyundai to invest $260 million, ends overnight work from 2013 image

Hyundai Motor South Korea‘s largest carmaker on Thursday announced it plans to invest $260 million in a try to end overnight work at domestic factories from 2013.

“We plan to implement the new shift system in 2013. Management is currently in talks with the labor union to finalize (the new system),” Hyundai said in a statement.

The automaker announced the plan without consulting the union; however, most labor unions have long called for end to the overnight work, mostly because they claim that poses health risks.

The newly elected leader of Hyundai Motor’s labour union pledged to eliminate overnight work next year.

The union will also insist on a review of the carmaker’s overseas expansion plans, said Moon Yong Moon, who beat incumbent Lee Kyung Hoon in this month’s election to lead the roughly 45,000-member union for a two-year term.

In addition, the South Korea‘s government increased its pressure over automakers to eliminate overnight shifts.

In other news, the union is objecting to Hyundai’s proposal to move 74 workers from one of the plants at its main Ulsan base to another location.