Hyundai to rival BMW 3-Series next year image

The South Korean based automaker is planning to develop a direct rival for the BMW 3-Series which is expected to make its way onto the market sometimes in 2015.

The new generation of the BMW 3-Series is one brilliant vehicle, no matter what version you choose, and the vehicle is rising some problems for its competitors who want a piece of the pie. With Audi working on the next generation of the A4, Mercedes-Benz developing the future C-Class and Cadillac launching the ATS as a direct competitor for this model, Hyundai wants to play in the big boys’ league too and the car manufacturer will develop a rival for the small German sedan.

Hyundai didn’t announce anything official on this subject just yet but according to the guys at Auto News, the new model which will be developed by the company will come with rear-wheel drive and it will be based on the same RWD platform as the Genesis Coupe. The future Hyundai rear-wheel drive sedan is expected to hit the market in 2015, but that’s about all we’ve got on this subject for the moment. More details on the BMW 3-Series rival from Hyundai will probably be announced over the following year.