Hyundai Veloster might not get a second generation image

Hyundai is planning to pull the plug on the Veloster as the model in question has seen weak sales.

When it was first unveiled a few years ago, the Hyundai Veloster seemed one promising vehicle and a good response to the already available hatchbacks, with its weird but yet attractive body style. Now, when the model should probably be a year or two from receiving a second generation, the South Korean based automaker is close to pulling the plug on it. The announcement hasn’t been made official just yet but according to a report published by the Australians at Go Auto, the model in question will not receive a replacement.

Some of the problems for which young buyers haven’t chosen the Hyundai Veloster include the steering system, which isn’t that good, and this wouldn’t be a problem in a normal family car but it would be a big disappointment for a MINI rival. Adding the fact that on the Old Continent it starts at just over 20,000 euros, and for the money you get the 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine under its hood, the Ford Fiesta ST, which costs pretty much the same, would be a better choice. It remains to be seen what Hyundai will eventually do with the Veloster.