According to Dave Zuchowski, the Hyundai Motor America CEO, who spoke during the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Automotive Project conference held in Detroit, diversity and inclusion are now an integral part of the company’s business strategy.

According to Zuchowski, “ninety-two percent of the growth in the automotive business is female and ethnic diversity buyers,” which means the automaker’s management team needed to restructure their strategy.

The CEO is new to office, which he took back in January, and among the first decisions he took was to set up a diversity council of 17 employees – of many ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages and sexual preferences.

IHS Automotive data shows that Hyundai in the US held a 4.6% sales market share of the overall American auto market during the first six months of the year. But for the same period the research firm shows that 502,000 new cars and trucks were sold to African Americans – and Hyundai vehicles in this particular category retained a higher market share, of 5.6%. Their problem is that of around 700 sales and marketing employees only 29 are African Americans.

While in the past diversity and inclusion were part of Hyundai’s social responsibility department, Zuchowski says the scheme didn’t work well because there was no accountability. Now, each and every department has clear objectives when it comes to diversity, with targets in many directions, such as hiring, the retail network, suppliers, marketing and advertising.

Via Automotive News


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