Hyundai – an usual avid supporter of soccer events like the upcoming World Cup hosted by Brazil, managed to upset the country’s soccer federation.

The actual problem here is that of sponsorship – with the CBF, Brazilian soccer’s ruling body, currently in a partnership with Volkswagen AG. According to Carlos Eugenio, its legal director, the CBF asked to stop Hyundai’s advertising campaign because it breaches their intellectual rights.

The ad that he refers to plays on the Portuguese word “hexa,” meaning “sixth” – promising to change the warranty of the Hyundai models sold between Jan. 1 and July 13 if Brazil, the host nation, wins for a sixth time. The Hyundai models would also see their usual five-years warranty extended to six.

“Our lawyer went directly to Hyundai and told them they are using our property,” said Rodrigo Paiva, a CBF spokesman. “It’s always a sensitive point but the CBF are the owners of the property.”

Hyundai, which is an ardent partner of soccer, being the official sponsor of FIFA is allowed in its contract to make branding associations to the tournament, but the CBF contends it can’t use any references specifically to Brazil’s team.

Via Bloomberg


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