Hyundai’s Chung Mong-joon mulling FIFA presidency image

Chung Mong-joon, the billionaire that has interests in South Korea’s Hyundai group of companies has decided to “carefully consider” running for the FIFA presidency, as the spot has been left open by Sepp Blatter’s resignation amid accusations of corruption against his senior aides.

The world soccer’s governing body has been left leaderless these days after the unexpected decision to resign, after Blatter bolstered his position on numerous occasions. Chunga has been implicated with the soccer body as a former member of FIFA’s powerful Executive Committee and has been known to be a loud critic of Blatter, disclosing through a news conference in Seoul on Wednesday he will not present his candidacy before consulting with other international football figures of power. Blatter decided to resign his newly rekindled presidency position just hours after the world found out that not only fourteen senior FIFA executives were under investigation, but the probe by US authorities extended to himself. “I will carefully consider running for the FIFA presidency,” Chung told reporters at the KFA headquarters. “I will make my decision after meeting with international football leaders and listening to their opinions.”

Chung currently holds the position of honorary FIFA vice president and called Blatter’s demise “disappointing and regrettable” and lamented FIFA’s inability to reform by itself. Chung was the leader of the Korea Football Association (KFA) between 1993 and 2009 and was key in securing the World Cup to South Korea in 2002. He was ousted from the FIFA executive committee back in 2011 as he was growing vocal in his critics against Blatter. He is also the largest shareholder in Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd.

Via Reuters