Iconic Aston Martin DB5 in James Bond Skyfall image

This iconic Aston Martin DB5, which was drove by the famous James Bond in the 1964’s Goldfinger, also made an impression in movies like, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale.

With a perfect design, elegant and flawless, this beauty impresses anyone from the first glimpse. Its ejection seat, twin machine guns, armor plating, rocket launchers and oil slick generators certainly add to its charm. The original movie car was sold for $4.1 million, at RM Auctions’ Automobiles of London auction in October 2010.

The famous car is rumored to appear in the next James Bond movie, Skyfall, which is to be released in October this year. The DB5 was spotted during on-the-road filming in Glencoe, Scotland, so the rumors may become reality soon. It is said that it will be equipped with machine guns similar to the 1964 car that appeared originally in Goldfinge, and even with the same license plate. Other impressive models which are to appear in the movie are the long-wheelbase Jaguar XJ L and the new Range Rover Evoque crossover.

The movie is expected to hit the UK theaters October 26th, with Daniel Craig as James Bond and Judi Dench returning as his boss.

  • mike ashley

    mike ashley took the goldfinger original on the world tour.would like to take this new one to meet up with all the girls i missed the first time around!!!call me in miami beach!