Iconic Peugeot 205 GTI revived by the brand’s Design Director image

Gilles Vidal has all kinds of duties and perks as the company’s lead designer – he’s pressured into delivering top selling new models, but can also take some leisure stroll down history lane when aiming to blow off some steam.

This is what happened here – because Vidal took some time off designing a modern interpretation of the legendary 205 GTI hot hatchback. The French automaker had a huge success with the 205 series, and the GTI-badged models are getting a new life in the vintage category, along with limited edition variants. Gilles Vidal instead took to Instagram to publish some sketches of a 205 GTI prepared for revival in the XXI-st century. And there were not one, but two different versions to be discussed by the design team.

Iconic Peugeot 205 GTI revived by the brand’s Design Director 4

For what purpose exactly it’s unknown yet, though we do know the black and white bi-toned paint model was the one gaining preemption. There are no details on the concept sketches – so speculation can go wild with cases of a limited reintroduction, though that would clash with the slot occupied by the current 208 GTI. Or they’re perhaps just playing with the idea of bringing to life a one-off concept – for old times’ sake.

Via Instagram