If CAW Continues the Strike, Chrysler and GM Are Most at Risk image

If the CAW union decides to extend the strike, this could cause the US dealers run out of Chevy Impalas and Dodge Grand Caravans within a month.

The CAW contracts with Chrysler, GM and Ford are to expire today at 11:59 p.m. and new strikes were announced if new agreements are not reached until the deadline. On Friday, September 14th, the Detroit 3 proposed a new agreement which was rejected by the union. The agreements which are currently under negotiation include 20,000 CAW employees at 9 assembly and component facilities.

“All three companies appear to be fixated not merely on cost containment but on deep concessions that would have a lasting and severe impact on our members,” the CAW said last week in a leaflet distributed to its members.

A triple strike, an unprecedented situation in Canada’s auto sector history, would stop Detroit 3 car production in Canada and would also affect components and engine production, used for the auto sector in both Canada and the US. Chrysler and GM would be affected the most, as GM has 121,393 unsold Chevy Impalas on dealer lots, a 25-day supply and Chrysler 131,723 Grand Caravan minivans, a 27-day supply.