If you like puzzles then solve the Polestar teaser mystery image

Geely’s subsidiaries do work quickly – just a few weeks ago we found out Volvo Cars was relinquishing control over its subsidiary Polestar in order for the latter to become a fully-fledged electrified performance brand.

Polestar actually just completed the separation from Volvo and it’s now ready to give us their very first model – we do suspect this move has been brewing for quite some time in advance. Now a series of small teaser images have been offered by the company’s official Instagram account and they can be digitally stitched together just like a classic puzzle to form the car’s picture when it comes the time for the official release – on October 17.

Details about Polestar’s very first model are shrouded in mystery, but as far as we can tell we’re dealing with an elegant coupe. It’s still unknown if the reveal will deliver the actual production version or just a previewing prototype – and there’s also speculation about the fact that Polestar’s puzzle has exactly 60 pieces. Maybe that’s a reference to the revival of the C60 coupe series from Volvo – but we’re not going to take this for granted. As far as the powertrain is concerned, the model is predicted to arrive as a high-performance machine, so we should immediately think of the T8 hybrid setup from Volvo.