Impact: 2 planes come too close to one another at Detroit airport image

Two commercial airplanes come too close one to another at the Detroit Metro Airport Friday night, two days after another similar incident happened at Reagan National Airport in Washington, CNN reports.

The two planes, a Delta flight from Phoenix and a small regional jet who was trying to land were separated by approximately two horizontal miles, one mile less compared to the standard separation distance.

Both pilots had visual contact with each other and neither plane was at risk of colliding with the other, Elizabeth Cory, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The incident comes two days after an air traffic-control mistake caused two regional jets to take off in the wrong direction and fly too close to an incoming regional jet in the skies above Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating how the three U.S. Airways jets flew within feet of each other at Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia on Tuesday afternoon.

The FAA said bad weather prompted the controllers to switch the routes and that the miscommunication “led to a loss of the required separation” among the planes.
All three planes were flown under the US Airways Express banner by two units of Republic Airways Holdings Inc., a commuter airline company that operates regional jets on behalf of US Airways and other major carriers.

Speaking on CBS News, the network’s aviation analyst Mark Rosenker says this “clearly was a violation of the procedures. The minimums were broken.”