Bad news for those who are buying cars online – in the United States!

According to a report from, a company that supplies vehicle history reports – last year, about 3.5 million vehicles that were subject to different recalls were sold online.

According to the same source, only 70 percent of owners respond to auto recalls – millions still ignoring them – and selling these vehicles.

Overall, one in nine vehicles found online on different sites like Ebay Motors, or Craigslist has an open recall, Chris Basso a spokesman from Carfax says.

Texas, with 307,556 cars listed online it the state with the largest number of vehicles listed online – vehicles with an open recall; followed by California (214,674 vehicles online) and Missouri with 212,949 cars online.

The situation with vehicle recalls is mounting, after the Justice Department told reports during a press conference that Toyota, Japan’s largest carmaker will pay $1.2 billion to settle a criminal investigation – in a way to avoid prosecution for covering up severe safety problems with many of its vehicles.

Now, General Motors, the largest carmaker in the U.S. is preparing for a major recall – and will take a $300 million charge during the first quarter to reflect the cost of recalls.
On Monday the Detroit based giant issued a new recall of 1.5 million cars for defective engine switches. According to the U.S. Justice Department, 12 people died because of this defect and General Motors is now facing multiple investigations.

Last week Honda said it will start recalling more than 886,000 Odyssey minivans.

Even carmakers like Porsche Ag., the maker of the iconic 911 sports car has issued a huge recall. The company will replace all the engines on its 130,000 euros current model 911 GT3 supercars after two of the 200mph vehicles caught fire.



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